Abortion in the Dental Chair

There’s only one thing worse than sitting in a dental chair — numbed with Novocaine — waiting for your third root canal in three weeks to be uprooted, and that is having to listen to an anonymous, blowhard, dentist in another room proselytize, at the top of his lungs, all the reasons why abortion is medically unnecessary.

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Semantic, Semaphoric and Semiotic Distance Learning

The days of the static, semantic, classroom are over.  Now, with the rise of real-time video, teaching and learning becomes dynamic, semaphoric, changeable and semiotically recordable for the eternity of history.

Hand Jive Book Cover!Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1

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Creating a Semiotic Web Through Enchanted Learning

The “inventor of the Internet,” Tim Berners-Lee, argues Google’s days ruling the web are numbered by claiming the future is a “semantic web” functional interface:

“Using the semantic web, you can build applications that are much
more powerful than anything on the regular web,” Mr Berners-Lee said.
“Imagine if two completely separate things — your bank statements and
your calendar — spoke the same language and could share information
with one another. You could drag one on top of the other and a whole
bunch of dots would appear showing you when you spent your money.

“If you still weren’t sure of where you
were when you made a particular transaction, you could then drag your
photo album on top of the calendar, and be reminded that you used your
credit card at the same time you were taking pictures of your kids at a
theme park. So you would know not to claim it as a tax deduction.

“It’s about creating a seamless web of all the data in your life.”

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