Semantic, Semaphoric and Semiotic Distance Learning

The days of the static, semantic, classroom are over.  Now, with the rise of real-time video, teaching and learning becomes dynamic, semaphoric, changeable and semiotically recordable for the eternity of history.

Hand Jive Book Cover!Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1

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Separating Semaphores from Semiotics

We love a Semiotic world where images can have a variety of meanings and influences depending on the eye perceiving the message.  

We also live in a Semaphoric world where specific images have a specific, non-negotiable, meaning that cannot, and must not, be open to individual interpretation.  In the image below, those flags, in that exact position, mean “Romeo” or “R” and if you don’t understand that Semaphore, you are unable to communicate or be understood.

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