The Millionaire Lesson Plan Saleswoman

The life of a teacher is a difficult one. Many people think that they have it easy — school ends at three, they have the whole summer off, and who can beat that for a job? What the people who think this way do not take into consideration is that the teacher, leaving the school at three, then has a stack of homework to grade and tests to score and lessons to plan. The lessons that a teacher plans for their classes every week has to not only cover the material that the school requires but ideally engages the children in the classroom and keeps their attention.

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Grammar For the Birds

As a child I would listen with joy to the calls of the different birds that lived in my Princeton Junction, New Jersey neighborhood. Sometimes when I was walking home from school or the pool I would hear a bird singing to another bird and try to imitate the call, hoping to get some kind of response from another bird. I suppose I must have been doing it wrong because I never got any sort of answer from other birds. Now it looks like studies are showing the reason for my lack of answer may have just been poor grammar on my part. Grammar — in a bird call? Absolutely, according to a seemingly unnecessary study by Kentaro Abe of Kyoto University in Japan.

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How to Be Rude on the Subway

In the beautiful city of New York there are regularly millions of people trying to get from one place to another — the most affordable of which has to be the New York subway system. If all the people who rode the subway system would abide by even half of the rules that are announced over the loudspeaker, everything would run a lot more smoothly. Since, for some reason, people don’t want to follow the rules, allow me to introduce some more rules — rules of how to be rude while riding on the subway.

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Warren Haynes Electric Blues and Slide Guitar DVD Review

Warren Haynes — of The Allman Brothers Band — wants to teach you how to play Electric Blues and Slide guitar as part of Arlen Roth’s ongoing, and outstanding, Hot Licks video series.

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Blues You Can Use with John Ganapes

If you want to learn how to play Blues Guitar — you can go free, or you can pay — but there is really only one Blues master teacher.  His name is John Ganapes and his Blues You Can Use series is phenomenal in the entirety of the teaching.

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Concentric Fame and the Coreless Onion

Have you noticed famous people live concentric, insular, lives that restrict their ability to relate to real people or to find footing in the common dreams of Jedermann?  Yet, somehow, the famous believe they represent us all from their suffocating cocoon of Yes People and manufactured adoration.  The famous spin in circles within circles with no direction or grounding.

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Memeingful Online Learning

Taking the classroom online not only re-forms relationships and ways of knowing — distance learning also creates memeingful teacher and student dyads that can be stronger apart than when collected in the same physical classroom.

Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1Hand Jive Book Cover!

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