The life of a teacher is a difficult one. Many people think that they have it easy — school ends at three, they have the whole summer off, and who can beat that for a job? What the people who think this way do not take into consideration is that the teacher, leaving the school at three, then has a stack of homework to grade and tests to score and lessons to plan. The lessons that a teacher plans for their classes every week has to not only cover the material that the school requires but ideally engages the children in the classroom and keeps their attention.

For those teachers who would like to have lesson plans that make a difference but have a difficult time with it, there is a website where teachers can upload their successful lesson plans and sell them to other teachers. In the case of one kindergarten teacher in Georgia, she made off with good money as a result of her popular lesson plans — over one million dollars at this point.

Browsing through her online store, you can see that she has a variety of subjects including the standards — reading, writing, and arithmetic. I can imagine that having lesson plans available can be a lifesaver for times when a teacher overbooks their schedule and realizes that they have nothing for the following week.

The money this teacher has made came from selling one hundred and sixty-one thousand copies of her units, having created ninety-three different units. In a world where teachers are often underpaid, giving teachers the opportunity to earn an extra income is a fantastic thing. Moreover, giving teachers an opportunity to browse and purchase lesson plans online means that it is not necessary for every teacher to be able to come up with the best lesson plans and so they can focus their energies on the other aspects of teaching that are important.

I believe that much good can come from sites like these. I am also quite impressed that in the course of making money from selling lesson plans, even the teachers that are doing well for themselves have not radically changed the way they live — still driving Kias, not Lexus SUVs.


  1. As a teacher, buying lesson plans is a cop out. You are paid to be creative and interesting and specific to your students’ learning styles — and buying someone else’s lesson plans mean you are not doing your job.

    The woman making all the money is clever — she knows there are a lot of lazy teachers out there — and she’s delighted to take their money.

  2. The ultimate goal of a teacher is “ideally to engage” the mind. If the mind has been engaged, the lesson learned, the child comes out the better for it. Does it matter WHERE it came from?
    The goal of school is guiding *children* toward successful, intelligent, thinking adulthood.
    I’ve always been a fan of ‘work smarter, not harder’, and seeing the teachers compile their lessons is a great boon to the profession. Making money while sharing the information is a plus.
    Their may be a few ‘lazy’ teachers out there, but that is far from the norm. One doesn’t subjugate themselves to the daily torture of uninterested children and boorish parents without perseverance and heart and the deep down need to be a part of the next generation,

  3. I am seeing a couple of harsh comments on here about buying such products like preplanned lessons. I have a friend who is only a teachers assistant who could really profit from this because of her creativity not because teachers are lazy, because their creativity runs out sometimes. Unfortunately for most schools in the US they do not provide teacher assistants and one person should not be the sole creative mind in engaging the minds of their students especially if they have to deal with 25 kids and sometimes more! It is very difficult and in my town the assistant does waaaay more than the teacher. She plans everything, spends more time with her students, and gets her students to enjoy the tasks at hand. If a teacher is on their own then they should not be judged so harshly if they choose to buy their lesson plans. After years of being a teacher sometimes your creativity streak runs out and you can get “writers block” so to speak =)

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