Warren Haynes — of The Allman Brothers Band — wants to teach you how to play Electric Blues and Slide guitar as part of Arlen Roth’s ongoing, and outstanding, Hot Licks video series.

Warren can be a little scary.  He’s intense.  He frowns a lot in concentration.  A smile is a rarity. 

So far, Warren Haynes is my favorite DVD Blues instructor.  He explains things clearly.  His Southern Rock Blues style is in his marrow and now in my bones.  You can feel his phrasing in your muscles and his unique method of soloing and rhythm strumming are tremendously pleasing and easy to learn.

Here’s a video of Warren playing and singing “Soulshine” — not from the DVD — that demonstrates his grand and outstanding talent.  The measure of a man in performance is found in his his willingness to be naked; and Warren bares all with no place to hide as he sings into a crummy microphone accompanied by only an acoustic guitar.  His fantastic spirit soars in this performance:

Here’s Warren in the same performance set playing Slide Guitar and singing and this performance is 100% different than what you just watched! His tone, attitude and intention are completely coming from some other, magical, place into your ear:

Warren Haynes is one of those once-in-a-lifetime talents who can play anything — and TEACH anything! — and that is a delightful gift:  He has a knack for being understood through the guitar, and was he has to say is simply mind-bendingly good.


  1. Lovely. David you are right about the difference between two versions, somehow the acoustic version touched me more…
    may be because I generally like the sound of an acoustic…that’s why. There is an unspoken softness in it.

  2. That’s how it should be David, but I understand “should” doesn’t work always…

  3. Mr. Haynes is an amazing musician and it’s great that he has put himself out there, so to speak, to teach people how to properly play the guitar. 🙂

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