If you want to learn how to play Blues Guitar — you can go free, or you can pay — but there is really only one Blues master teacher.  His name is John Ganapes and his Blues You Can Use series is phenomenal in the entirety of the teaching.

John Ganapes is not a hand holder.  He’s writing style is brusque and direct.  You practice your scales and then you play the weekly song assignments with the included CD.

John’s teaching is clear and, unlike many other guitar books, he
provides not only chords and diagrams but he tells you — throughout
the series of his books — which fingers to use to make those chords
and position changes.

If you dedicate your learning to John’s way of teaching, you will thoroughly expand your understanding of music and what makes The Blues so humanly special.

To make your way through the Ganapes series of Blues You Can Use books would take a good three years at a steady, hot, pace like me — and probably five years if you’re a more casual player.

That’s a big commitment to make to the Ganapes way of teaching, but once you start with “Blues You Can Use” and you see how your fingers and hands begin to change, you will be in it with John for the long run.

On the BluesYouCanUse.com website, John now sells a “Blues You Can Use” backing track CD. 

That CD lets you take the solo lead with a full backing band.  Each song in the original “Blues You Can Use” book is included — and that inspired one YouTube user named Merroks to make a video recording of every song in “Blues You Can Use” using the backing tracks.

Here’s the first track, “Texas Blues:” 

With John Ganapes’ Blues You Can Use series of books in my pocket,
in my eye and on my ear, I know I will be able to make outstanding, daily progress in
my understanding of how to effectively play The Blues.  I can’t lose with John as my teacher!


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