I have one question and one question only for you today, and I ask that you provide a single answer with no prevarication or asides as you defend your choice:

What is the one color of life and why did you pick that color?


  1. Green.
    It signifies life in a multitude of ways. 🙂

  2. Green – the leaves in the trees. Green – the lovely grass that I occasionally see in the city. Green also is the tea that I drink, full of flavor and life. Green is an explosively positive colour in my wardrobe. Even a mossy green means that there’s life there. 🙂

  3. Yellow-white. The color of the sun, and the light that is the ultimate source of all the energy on our world.

  4. Red.
    It is the color of the life giving flow within our bodies once oxygen permeates it. It is also the color that is associated with the symbol of the essence of life and vitality. It is the color of my favorite roses that are in bloom now. Most intriguingly, it is the color of the planet Mars. Proof that color has no boundaries. I have had the wonderful privilege of sitting back and viewing the sun as it very gingerly crept behind the mountains, leaving a warm, brilliant, red, cascading sunset for my viewing pleasure. It is the vibrant color that invigorates the soul and lifts the spirit.

  5. Love your answer, Kimberley! Thank you for your analysis. These wonderful comments are giving me an insight into colors that might just create a whole new article based on this topic!

  6. A little late for the grand topic but my color is blue.
    Blue is the color of sky, it is also the color of ocean – something majestic and mysterious, also infinite.
    I find it very peaceful, tranquil and awe inspring at the same time.

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