Photographs Prove and Forget

I have often wondered why so many people take so many photographs and digital images.  It’s as if they’re obsessed with the recording and the creation of false memory.

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The Evidence Audio Cables Review

If you get into music full-bore to make up for 20 years of lost time, your effort quickly begins to ascend into the monetary stratosphere as costs pile up to bowl you over in that everlasting and neverending chase for “that sound.”  The latest example of my overweening ear interest is demonstrated in my new obsession with Evidence Audio
amp, speaker and guitar cables.  This is my story.

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The Color of Life

I have one question and one question only for you today, and I ask that you provide a single answer with no prevarication or asides as you defend your choice:

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The Residue of Founding Intention

In my professional work as a script doctor at, I am always struck numb by those that believe anyone can write and that everyone can fix a dramatic work.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Understanding how to make a script work is a tough task that few people in the world really understand and even fewer are able to perform at any price.

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