Lori Drew is in the news again.  She’s our most infamous convicted Cyberbully and, thankfully, the law is still pressing her bad behavior against her.

Federal prosecutors in Los Angeles are urging a U.S. district judge to allow the parents of a deceased girl to speak at the sentencing hearing of Lori Drew on Monday. Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark Krause, in writing to the court, argued that Drew’s crime led directly to the death of 13-year-old Megan Meier in Missouri in 2006. Therefore her parents, Ron and Tina Meier, were unquestionably victims of her crime.

Krause argued that under the Crime Victim’s Rights Act, a victim was defined as “a person directly and proximately harmed as the result of the commission of a Federal offense. . . .”
Therefore, he said, “depriving the Meier family of their right of allocution would be an error.”

Prosecutors were responding to a request Drew’s defense attorney made last week, asking the court to not allow family or friends of the dead teen to speak at the sentencing hearing. Defense attorney H. Dean Steward told the court that Meier’s family and friends were not victims, since Drew was not convicted of causing Meier’s death, merely of unauthorized access to a computer.

We are stunned at the Drew defense team’s wrangling of the legal system to diminish her role in Megan Meier’s suicide.

The matter is all about intent. If it were not for Lori Drew purposefully pressing pain and cruelty into Megan by using fakery and disingenuousness, Drew would not be in her current position of peril.

To excuse Drew’s bad behavior as something funny or harmless misses the point of being a responsible member of society and right of the rest of us not to be bothered by a bored mother looking for the thrill of a kill online.


  1. It’s like she is adding injury to injury to injury – and a lot of insult as well. Can’t stand to not get it her way, it seems.

  2. It’s such a strange story, Gordon. Drew seems to be completely unrepentant and has no interest in confessing the sorrow she alone created. Blame the dead — appears to be her defense policy.

  3. I truly detest high profile cases, yet I am drawn to be attentive to the latest coverage.
    I can’t understand this whole “passing the blame” game! Injustice is lying in the grave due to the acts of Lori Drew. The Meier’s live will never be the same!

  4. Precisely right, Kimberley! Their lives are forever changed in the suicide of their child — yet Lori Drew and her team take the callous low road to preserve her life and her freedom. It is an astonishing disconnect!

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