Roger Clemens is still in protection mode instead of confession mode and every time he opens his mouth he hurts his chances of ever getting into the baseball Hall of Fame.

You know most of this by now the way you know that Clemens won 354 games in the big leagues. Brian McNamee, his former trainer, never injected him with steroids or HGH. It is McNamee who is lying here, even though he was facing prosecution when he told his own version of things, one that ended up in the Mitchell Report.

McNamee is making it up. And Andy Pettitte is still “misremembering” a conversation he and Clemens once had about HGH. And of course the four reporters from the Daily News who have written the book “American Icon” about Clemens – Teri Thompson, Mike O’Keeffe, Christian Red and Nate Vinton – must be making it up for 428 pages, plus footnotes.

Why is Clemens returning to the spotlight only to remind us all how callow he is and how fallow his career is now?

The sign of a desperate man is repeating the same behavior while pretending to provide a different result.

Clemens has become a caricature of denial. 

Instead of going public, he need to go deep private and embed himself in his past glory and keep his mouth closed for at least the next decade. 

Is it possible for a rocket to hibernate?  Only if that rocket ever wants to feel the warmth of the sun again against his golden arm.


  1. Remember when the name Roger Clemens was a positive name? It seems like so long ago, but as a kid his was a name to be revered.

  2. He was a huge star, Gordon, and while he claims he still is — his actions prove that he knows he is losing luster and and his place in history.

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