Should Bad Credit Ruin Your Ability to Get a Job?

Should the sins of your financial past be carried over to negatively affect your future employment status as a job applicant? TransUnion and Experian believe your bad money management skills directly speak to your trustworthiness as an employee and they want employers to pay them to smoke out your bad behavior.

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Clemens Still Juiced in Denial

Roger Clemens is still in protection mode instead of confession mode and every time he opens his mouth he hurts his chances of ever getting into the baseball Hall of Fame.

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I Had A Little Husband

by Tammy Tillotson

I had a little husband, no bigger than my thumb,
I put him in a pint pot, and there I bid him drum,
I bought a little handkerchief to wipe his little nose,
And a pair of little garters to tie his little hose.

–The Real Mother Goose

The Introduction
The lady over there by herself is Tammy…Ream…no, wait…Tillotson. It is Tillotson isn’t it? She did change her name back didn’t she? So-and-so said she’s separated, the poor dear. So-and-so’s friend said that she’s just going back to college to finish her education and that things have nothing to do with him. So-and-so’s friend of a friend overheard from her fifth cousin twice removed on her mother’s side of the family that it is true. She is getting a divorce.

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