Manny Strikes Out

Drugs are bad business for baseball.  Manny Ramirez announced his retirement from the game last week because he didn’t want to serve a 100-game suspension as a second time offender of Major League Baseball‘s drug policy.

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Clemens Still Juiced in Denial

Roger Clemens is still in protection mode instead of confession mode and every time he opens his mouth he hurts his chances of ever getting into the baseball Hall of Fame.

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From A-Rod to A-Fraud to A-Hole

Baseball fans have become cynical in the light of their childhood stars.  Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and now A-Rod have all been tainted by the ongoing steroids scandal that seems to prove the entire game is a sham.

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Roger Clemens Runs His Rocket Mouth

Roger Clemens is in trouble. Did he knowingly take steroids and Human Growth Hormone and then lie about it during his testimony before congress? Is Clemens guilty of lying or just hubris? Which sin is worse?

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Barry Bonds: Legal Doubt with a Moral Certainty

Major League player Barry Bonds is within a swing or two of passing Babe Ruth as the number two all-time home run slugger in baseball history. There is, however, a taint that stinks up Bonds and his run at Hank Aaron’s number one record and last week in Philadelphia, the fans told him, and the world, they know what he did to be able to challenge Ruth’s record and they refused to play along and shut up about his leading role in the Steroids Era of baseball.

Barry Bonds

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