Roger Clemens is in trouble. Did he knowingly take steroids and Human Growth Hormone and then lie about it during his testimony before congress? Is Clemens guilty of lying or just hubris? Which sin is worse?

Immediate sports history is ripe with fallen heroes like Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and Michael Vick.
Can Clemens repair his reputation and save his baseball records?

Or is “The Rocket” now doomed to live a disintegrating life on the front pages of the New York newspapers?

Should fallen idols like Roger Clemens be pitied or shamed?
If Clemens is headed to jail and President Bush pardons his Texas pal — as he did for buddy Scooter Libby — will Bonds, Jones and Vick be pardoned for their sins as well?
If not, what message does that send to the American youth and the rest of the world?


  1. arin!
    I agree. Roger is in trouble. He thinks whatever he tells people they’ll believe. That’s how these big superstars live: In the world of Yesses and Adoration.

  2. never liked clemens he was always complaining but it is still funny to see him go down like bonds

  3. Which is worse – gambling or doing drugs? The former prevented a certain baseball player from entering the hall of fame as far as I know and I think drugs are frowned upon even more than gambling.

  4. Gordon —
    You’re right. Doing drugs is immoral and illegal while gambling was just plain wrong under the Rose circumstance.
    Now that the FBI is involved with Clemens, I expect him to explode. He isn’t used to this kind of negative, rough, treatment. He’ll likely flip and turn on other players in order to stay out of jail, thus tainting him forever as a rat as well.
    If he’d only kept his mouth shut — as he’s finally doing now — as his lawyers begged him to do in the first place he might’ve held a slight chance to save his reputation. He dared congress to call him down and they didn’t blink. Now he’ll pay for that mistaken play.

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