When Art Meets Science is it Always Art?

The San Francisco Chronicle asks a fine question about the legitimacy of art meeting science as we ponder the image of an electrograph of a brass wire gauge in the year 1900:

Should we consider “Brought to Light: Photography and the Invisible,
” an art exhibition just because the San Francisco Museum of
Modern Art has organized it?

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No Private Parts Privacy

With gasoline peaking at $4.00USD a gallon — more than twice as much as a year ago — it makes one wonder if that devastating blow to the commoner’s pocket is a governmental feint to hide the insidious loss of more valuable and basic liberties.

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I’m Wearing Invisible Pants!

Journal Square is a major transportation hub in Jersey City for bus connections and PATH train transfers. Much in the same way New York city’s “Times Square” was named after The New York Times newspaper, “Journal Square” is named after The Jersey Journal newspaper.

The Journal Square area is ripe with cultural monuments and ethnic identifications. India Square is one of my favorite places to visit and eat and drink! I also do my banking in the massive Journal Square complex.

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