I love pure Matcha green tea.  A Matcha blend is okay, but the real stuff, the really great stuff — is in the natural, Matcha powdered green tea.  I dump some of that poofy Matcha into a glass of cold water, or a cup of boiled water, and stir and then sip — and I’m in a completely different state of mind:  Calm, collected and insightful.

The great Dr. Andrew Weil is crazy about Matcha green tea, too:

Then, after graduating from high school in 1959, I had a life-changing experience. As part of a remarkable institution known as the International School of America, I traveled around the world in nine months with a group of fellow students. In Japan, I was exposed to sencha — the everyday green tea drunk by all Japanese. More significantly, I experienced matcha, the powdered green tea, as part of a true Japanese tea ceremony. Many Americans have heard of, or even taken part in, this ceremony today, but in 1959 it was virtually unknown to the Western world. The idea of using a food — tea — as a ceremonial object of focus and meditation fascinated me and made a strong impression.

I have friends who use Matcha as the secret ingredient in bread, pancakes and on their morning cereal.  I confess to having sprinkled some Matcha on my raspberry sorbet for an extra bit of a health kick!

If you haven’t tried Matcha yet — go get some — and start putting it on everything you place in your mouth.  The Matcha taste can be a little bland or bitter depending on how much you use — but that initial taste reaction always fades and you begin to crave that feeling of healthiness and satiety that powdered green Matcha tea brings you all day long.


  1. I adore Dr. Weil and am not surprised that he was aware of sencha and matcha for so long. I too enjoy the taste of matcha and how great one feels afterward.

    1. Yes! Dr. Weil is some sort of magical shaman sneaking in and out of our lives — and when we find a new discovery — we are astounded to realize he was already there long before us.

  2. Thanks! I’m drinking a cup the hyperluxe blend right now. I’m actually DREAMNG about matcha these days! Keep up the great work.

  3. I’m drinking my own personal blend. I lived in Japan for 16 years, and developed some great relationships with tea farmers. This one, from Nishio, is blended specially for me. I’m about to start a new line of matcha, and it will be my top of the line. I’ll be offering three grades, all stellar, but I’m comparing the top one to a great Burgundy (Romanee Conti). The tea has arrived, but I’m waiting for my packaging to be shipped, and for my designer to get the e-commerce site up and running. I expect to have it publicly available some time around the end of Sept. Stay tuned!!

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