On Being AWOL: End of an Era in Pau

The second contributory fact for my 80 day absence was the premature closure of Mr P’s family house in PauMr P’s aged aunt’s health had deteriorated  to a stage where she needed more in-depth care than his equally elderly mother could provide.

We have always been aware that this situation would arrive in the near future — but were caught napping when it rapidly loomed upon us out of the blue and we had to take a dash to France.

Finding a suitable nursing home for elderly people is difficult at the best of times — finding one that accepts patients with Alzheimer’s, and provides compassionate understanding care for them, is even worse. Luckily, we had the help of one of Mr P’s brothers who took care of most of that for us . A deal was struck he would sort out their aunt and we would sort out their mother.

A suitable residence was found for their aunt, not far from where the brother’s family lives — which would enable him to visit her whenever he went to see his daughter and granddaughter.

We then had the task of packing up mother and her possessions and returning her to the apartment in Lisbon.

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Portuguese Food is a Mediterranean Diet

One of the unexpected advantages of my move to Portugal is the change in my everyday diet and the results on my health and my weight.  Portugal is a low density population country, which means that its people can in most areas be fed by local foods and crops. Very few food miles – YEAH!

There are very few processed foods and very few frozen foods available where I am and almost everyone makes their food from scratch using fresh ingredients.  The nearest thing we have to a takeaway is a shop that sells freshly grilled chicken and a home cooked pizza shop where fresh pizzas are cooked on the premises.

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Healthy Eating Endorsed by Mickey Mouse

As a child I read pretty much every book written by Beverly Cleary that I could find at the library. In one of the books I recall reading a side storyline about how there was advertising on television for something for children, and how much the television advertising directly influenced the requests that the children made for products at the local store. The more junk that gets peddled to kids, the more they want. If there were advertisements for only healthy food on the channels they watched, they would not be so driven toward the junk food. Seems like a far fetched fantasy, doesn’t it? Now the Walt Disney company is going to be making that dream a reality.

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The FDA Smacks Down "Corn Sugar"

I have my eye on you, high fructose corn syrup. I have seen the way that you have infiltrated our world and invaded so many of our food products from soda to bread. Bread! I had to throw out a half loaf of bread when I discovered that one of the ingredients was switched up on me from sugar to high fructose corn syrup. How dare you make the claim in your ads that you can enjoy it in moderation when it is in so many products?

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Steam Cleaning Comes to Lungs

Our lungs are incredibly powerful and do one of the most important jobs in the entire body — delivering oxygen, without which we would be unable to live. Try holding your breath for a minute and you will quickly see how important it is to have functioning lungs. We abuse our lungs on a regular basis through different means — modern living brings us the pollution of industry, car exhaust, as well as second hand and occasionally first hand smoke. For too many people, cigarette smoking still has a powerful grip and cannot be shaken regardless of how many graphic warnings are shown.

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Stay Trim with a Trim Doctor

Since David W. Boles recently debunked the obesogen theory for us, I would like to caution you when considering your choice of doctors. It turns out that not all doctors are, so to speak, created equal when it comes to the subject of weight management. Specifically, if your doctor is overweight you will more than likely not be told that you are overweight.

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Killing Cancer with a Virus

There’s a Batman comic I somewhat remember from my youth in which Batman tricks one of his enemies into thinking that one of his other enemies is plotting against him and so manages to eliminate both problems at the same time.That was essentially the first thing I thought of when I read this article about what could be the new frontier of fighting cancer — using viruses to combat the cancerous tumors.

A common virus, omnipresent in the world. When it infects humans, it does no harm. But introduce it into certain kinds of tumors and the virus appears to go wild, liquefying every cancer cell it comes into contact with. It’s the type of discovery that could change the world.

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