Can a quick dose of laughter bring calm healing to the body?  Norman Cousins thought so, and now so, too, does the National Health Service.

IS LAUGHTER the best medicine? Can you get it on the National Health Service? Apparently, yes, if you’re an over-stressed nurse on the frontline of hospital care. A company called HumourUs is offering courses to give hospital staff a more positive outlook while on duty.

Sounds like they must first put aside grumbles about low pay and being assaulted in A&E. Not to mention being routinely patronised by junior doctors 10 years younger than themselves. However, it’s not about doing the full Bernard Manning northern stand-up routine as you give a bed bath, but rather putting nurses in a good mood to face the trials and tribulations of the working day.

Laughter can only help the mind and perk the body. A good, hearty, laugh fills up a room and brings joy to the eyes and ears of others.

We should bring more laughter into the world, not less, and that can be a hard task in the face of local corruption and a dissolving global economy.


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