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Disposable People

We are all disposable.  The longer we live, the closer we move to the trash bin.

As we age, and become less than we were, technology strives to keep us alive, to help the heart keep pumping and to keep the skeletal architecture of us strong and the impulse of our muscle twitching.

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The Body Does Not Lie

The mind is a liar.

The body is incapable of fostering a lie.

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Year-Round Breast Cancer Awareness

[Author’s Note: This article is dedicated to my mother, whose birthday it is today – and to Beverly Jean Huck, a strong spirited survivor who overcame breast cancer three years ago]

Breast Cancer and the awareness of the importance of testing for it, finding a cure for it, and supporting those who are surviving it, have survived it, or have lost friends and family to it. I posit that this is not enough. The threat of breast cancer does not get put away in boxes along with Halloween decorations, and it is incumbent upon us to not let a day go by that we don’t do something about it.

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Let the Healing Begin

by Nancy McDaniel

I never seem to do things in the right order. I floss my teeth in the morning, not at night. I brush before I floss, not after. I get dressed before I put on my makeup. I quit my job before I had another. I say “I love you” first. You get the picture.

And now I’m trying to figure out how to grieve. Not a death of a person. The death of a relationship. The death of love. It didn’t die for me. It died for him. So I must find a way to put it to rest too and get on with my everyday life.

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