I have long felt that the real cure for cancer would not come in the form of a pill or chemotherapy treatment but grow straight out of the ground. As a person who has long tried to avoid conventional medicine so-called cures that are really just bandages that sooth us while the immune systems of our bodies are hard at work actually fighting illness, I have just known that it would be just a matter of time before it was discovered that a good diet would go a long way to even fight the dreaded C word — cancer.

If the word sulforaphane means nothing to you now get ready to add it to your everyday vernacular because it is one of the big warriors in the fight against cancer. The great news is that the source of this wondrous sulforaphane is none other than broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Not only this, but combining broccoli with broccoli sprouts is even better — doubling the efficiency of the cancer fighting agents.

As always, I am troubled by one bothersome fact and that is that major pharmaceutical companies do not make money when doctors tell their patients that the cure to their cancer could come from a plate of broccoli. Since doctors are the ones that would be making the recommendations to their patients about how to treat their cancer and evidence points to major corruption — in the form of thousands of doctors taking money from pharmaceutical companies to speak well of them, we cannot trust that the advice we are receiving from our doctors is necessarily with our best interests in mind. Their wallets, on the other hand…

With this in mind the best path seems to be to seek out advice from medical professionals that are more well acquainted with and friendly to naturopathic remedies rather than strictly pharmaceutical ones and to discuss all options with them if the need should be. If it is impossible to reach a medical professional that would be suited to dispense naturopathic advice then another doctor should be consulted however be rather wary if the doctor is overeager to reach for the prescription pad.


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