I am a massive fan of lucid dreaming.  I set up scenarios and places to visit each night before I go to bed and I am often able to extend my reality into these lucid dream containers:

I have always dreamt in color while most people dream only in black and white.  It is difficult for me to explain the vivid color of my dreams to those who are unable to comprehend the power of real color.  Black and white provides history and distance while color is always hyper-real and blurs the line between the dream and awake states.

I have recently discovered a strange phenomenon that if I position my head on my pillow in a certain way, I can ignite a lucid dream scenario that is randomly activated, but specifically motivated.  For example, if sleep on my left side with my face cocked just-so toward the ceiling, I will have a nightmare 85% of the time.  If I sleep on my right side, with my face on the pillow, and with pressure on my head resting on the upper side of my head, I will have a sexual dream 90% of the time.

I have been experimenting with the position of my head as I sleep and the effect of those pressure points on determining my dreams.  If, during the day, I want to take a nap, I find the quickest way to fall asleep 100% of the time is to go flat on my back on a hardwood floor and lift my chin toward the ceiling until a small flat spot on the back of my head balances me in that position.  I will fall asleep within 10 seconds.  Waking up can be difficult from that position, so I try to stay lucid, and active, in a trance state rather than allowing myself to fully fall asleep and, perhaps, to never awaken again.

Have you ever experienced these sorts of forced, pressure-point, dreams based on head position on a pillow?  If so, please share your experiences in the comments section below.


  1. I have difficulty falling asleep in any other position than laying on my side with my head in a particular angle and very rarely lucidly dream — perhaps it is only when I change the position that it happens.

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