Sarah Palin is finally out as Alaska governor — but why do I have this sickening feeling she is going to be felt more than ever here in the lower 48?

Alaska is now free from the haunting harbinger of her particularly brutal political brew — while the rest of us are about to
get struck dumb by her reinvention.

Oh, the woe of having to listen to her. I fear soon
there will be no escaping her.  I will forever wonder why the mainstream media never struck down their Trojan Horse Media Darling — and I suppose we have our answer in that self-infested moniker. 

Palin was their precious tar baby creation and to confess their sticky-handed, and deceptive, handiwork in mocking her up for public office, they would have to admit in the public square that they willingly scammed us for ratings against the good of our nation.

Palin’s great success — or our prayed-for failure — will be witness to our national, knowing conscience and if we will ever again accept the deceptive schooling of electing Richard Nixon president, or if we will ever again elect someone so unfit for office like a Dubya — where family privilege masqueraded as competency and cogency in office.

How can we, the prescient and ever-seeing public, crush Palin from our midst and how can we banish her back to the backwoods where she belongs before she damages the rest of us just as she ruined Alaska’s moral core?


  1. I suspect there will be plenty more ridicule of her to come – like the person with the sign that said “Palin for President 2012-2013 1/2”

  2. We can only hope, Gordon. As long as she remains a cartoon, we should be fine because she’ll be seen as entertainment and not leadership. Her core supporters will always think of her as a serious threat for the presidency and that will be to the ultimate detriment of the GOP.

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