We love to hate Spam, and when a new round of ghoulishness springs up in our Inbox, we get a slight thrill at our initial gut reaction to try to want to help only to realize moments later someone is out to snipe our time and ferret our goodwill. Meet Andri.Manager@gmail.com:

Doing a quick Googlism of “andri.manager@gmail.com” creates a list of fascinating returns, one of which claims that email address is a secret Obama IRS entrapment scheme aimed at forcing you to give tax advice so you can later be prosecuted for providing illegal advice.

Another site really dives into the conspiracy theory of Andri Manager using multiple examples from across the web for analysis.  The email examples from Andri Manager are fascinating, focused, unique and confessedly odd. 

Have you ever received email from Andri Manager?

If so, fill us in on this phantom mystery so we can try to understand why some people are so devoted and dedicated to getting us to waste our time on their senseless inquiries.


  1. Strange. I get bizarre emails now and again that refer to my Go Inside articles but nothing from Andri yet. Here’s hoping! 🙂

  2. That Andri Manager email was sent to my Go Inside account, Gordon. So strange. The emails are so specific you almost think a human is behind them and reading your articles.

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