Books by David W. Boles: Rewarding the Thief and Punishing Honest Labor

I use Google search a lot to help me sort through my day.  I find Google especially helpful when I’m looking to link an article published in one of 14 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network.  I can usually remember a few keywords from a previously published article I want to find, but I can’t always recall the blog in which I published the article. Google can usually suss that out for me without much interactive prodding.  Yesterday, when I was invoking The Google, I did a search for “david w boles books” and I was surprised there were 141,000 available search results and also that there was an Advertisement at the top of the returns for “Books By David W. Boles” with my hotlinked name.

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The Manna of Life: Bone Marrow and Supermodels

When I taught Public Health at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, I remember one day when the school was having a “Bone Marrow Drive” to help an employee stricken with cancer.  You could sign up for a free bone marrow screening to see if you were a match and, if you were not, your bone marrow would be placed in a database for future reference.  Bone marrow transplants are expensive, and painful, for both donor and recipient, but in many ways, that marrow is the manna of life.

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Who's Who, Are You?

Does the world care who you are against all others?  Is there really a market out there for any “Who’s Who” book beyond those included on the page?  Are you a mystery and an enigma that you feel must be defined and celebrated?

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Google Pins Kickbee as Malicious

We are too well aware that much of Twitter’s content is comprised of Blogging the Bodily Fluids Stream — and we know how useless it can be.  Twitter also can be useful when used properly. I am here to tell you that Kickbee is here and is number one in uselessness.  When I tried to visit the Kickbee website, I was met with this warning from Google:

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The Nourish Water Scam

For many years, salesmen traveled around the United States and peddled various sorts of quack medicine — ointments that smelled great but did nothing, liquid supplements that were less than worthless, and other medicines that were more sugar pill than anything else. In the twenty-first century, the growing trend seems to be selling things that are already available and making them seem new and amazing.

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Facebook is Running Out of Space

I am fascinated by how we know, learn and propagate information into the icy aging of our future.  This week I had a flood of email in my Facebook Inbox — from only my friends in Germany — suggesting the social networking service was running out of server space. 

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Andri Manager

We love to hate Spam, and when a new round of ghoulishness springs up in our Inbox, we get a slight thrill at our initial gut reaction to try to want to help only to realize moments later someone is out to snipe our time and ferret our goodwill. Meet

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