Don’t Drone Me, Dude!

Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” will soon be out-hollered by us all in a new plea against the machine: “Don’t Drone Me, Dude!” — completely performed in the outcry of public theatricality that now passes for national security. Where once our shoes had more dangerous derring-do than the hovering skies above us — today, we are forced to realize our ordinary, everyday, overlord drones are blackening our city skies and that they are inherently more dangerous than all the guns in heaven.

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H1N1 Masquerading as Viral Encephalitis

H1N1 (Swine Flu) was a worldwide pandemic that never happened.  Or did it?  There’s new research suggesting H1N1 infections are being misdiagnosed as Viral Encephalitis.  Or, perhaps even more frightening, H1N1 has morphed into a new strain of Viral Encephalitis.  Or, more terrifying than that — what if H1N1 is being militarized for distribution across the world to kill people for political gain?

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Militarized Anthrax and Drum Delivery

The media have trained us to fear Anthrax even though it is a naturally occurring substance found in the soil of any working farm.  Militarized Anthrax is not the natural Anthrax you find on a farm.  Anthrax that has been militarized means that is has been “ground up” into the tiniest possible spore form for easy transmission in the air via the wind for inhalation into the lungs.  Once Anthrax gets inside your body, your chances of survival are not very good.  Militarized Anthrax is a silent killer that takes a bit of time to develop in the body as a cause of death, so marking the time and point of infection is more difficult, and that makes Militarized Anthrax an effective, invisible, assassin.  Anthrax, and its natural danger to humans, is all around us all the time.

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New York Anthrax Scare

Yesterday, for about an hour, many in New York thought there had been another terrorist attack when news of a Brooklyn man infected with inhalation anthrax spread like gossipy spores in the street. When it was later discovered the man was likely self-infected by his working with untanned goat skins to make handmade drums, the City actually paused for a public moment to catch its breath before we all returned to our inner lives.

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