H1N1 (Swine Flu) was a worldwide pandemic that never happened.  Or did it?  There’s new research suggesting H1N1 infections are being misdiagnosed as Viral Encephalitis.  Or, perhaps even more frightening, H1N1 has morphed into a new strain of Viral Encephalitis.  Or, more terrifying than that — what if H1N1 is being militarized for distribution across the world to kill people for political gain?

The World Health Organization declared that a new strain of novel swine-origin influenza A (H1N1) virus was responsible for the pandemic infection in June 2009. We report a case of encephalitis diagnosed as the H1N1 virus infection. We describe a 17-year-old patient who had a seizure attack, diagnosed with a H1N1 virus infection via real time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The H1N1 virus infection can be causative of the encephalitis, as with other influenza virus infections. Careful monitoring is essential for reducing complications.

We can’t discuss H1N1 without also bringing in its terror twin:  The H5N1 (Bird Flu) doppelgänger.

We show that 9 of 21 of H5N1 introductions to countries in Asia were most likely through poultry, and 3 of 21 were most likely through migrating birds. In contrast, spread to most (20/23) countries in Europe was most likely through migratory birds. Spread in Africa was likely partly by poultry (2/8 introductions) and partly by migrating birds (3/8). Our analyses predict that H5N1 is more likely to be introduced into the Western Hemisphere through infected poultry and into the mainland United States by subsequent movement of migrating birds from neighboring countries, rather than from eastern Siberia. These results highlight the potential synergism between trade and wild animal movement in the emergence and pandemic spread of pathogens and demonstrate the value of predictive models for disease control.

Birds are an effective delivery system for disease.  They migrate.  They reproduce quickly.  They are hard to catch, but popular to eat.

An purposely-infected bird could be just as effective as a flying predator done in fine tuning a kill from afar that would take months, not moments, to strike:

If the sky above us is tainted with deadly birds and chemtrails — and if the ground beneath us is infected with swine flu and Anthrax — where do we go for safety and security?

Do we turn to vaccinations for protection against a planned biological plague?

Or do we reject modern science and choose to live a simpler, more disassociated, life away from the teeming masses of people in large cities with bad intentions?

International airports are a prime hotspot melting pot for disease transference and the delivery of viral infections — and that makes the New York City and Connecticut corridor the new Ground Zero — as the deadliest places on earth.


    1. Viruses are a fascinating foil, Gordon. They’re alive and always changing. Hard to detect and predict. That makes them the perfect weapon.

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