The Readability Review

I am late to the Readability party, but now that I have a seat at the table, I’m delighted to report I love the whole idea and driving purpose behind the product.  As a fan of Instapaper, I was surprised to see Readability so readily adopted by major RSS feed readers like Reeder.  I wondered what that red chair icon meant, and I wanted to know how Readability differed from Instapaper.

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Organizing the Boles Blogs Network with the Paper Notebook Technique

Before there was the Boles Blogs Network, there was just Urban Semiotic and planning articles was simple. Either I was writing an article for Urban Semiotic or Go Inside Magazine — not too difficult. More blogs were added — three, here, four there, then three more — until the 13-blog strong Boles Blogs Network was created.  Across the network, we cover all the niches of living. By the time we hit that magical number 13, I had a problem — no good way to keep up with knowing when I hadn’t written an article for a blog in a long while, and what I was planning on writing for any given blog.

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Star Articles

Now that we’ve established the provenance of United Stage, let’s take a look at some superstar Boles Blogs Network articles that would’ve been originally published here in this blog:

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Some of Our Favorite Music Articles

This blog was founded on the notion to better centralize our articles on music, reviews and thoughts and contemplations on melody.  Here is how we came to land here.

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Three Thousand Articles and Counting!

It is with great delight and pleasure that we here at the Boles Blogs Network announce the publication of our three thousandth article across our 11 blogs!

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Haunted by Words

Sometimes we are unaware of what we have written.

Our words always become ghosts to us and they haunt us in the quiet moments if we are not cogent of their power to harm when we create meaning by solidifying thoughts into form and placing words against each other for context.

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List of Mosts

In case you missed them, here are my “Most” Blog Entries in no particular order:

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