Now that we’ve established the provenance of United Stage, let’s take a look at some superstar Boles Blogs Network articles that would’ve been originally published here in this blog:

No Helen Keller Miracle on Broadway

Eliza Redux

Reading the Audience
The Role of the Playwright in Society

How to Kill a Joke

Reflections on Russell and Wittgenstein

Creation Breeds Imitation

More Howard Stein Wisdom

Stella Adler: Imagination in the Choice

Ethical Habit of Action

Haunted by the Tragedy of Wendy

The Enemy of the Arts

Those excellent articles should give you a good waypoint indicator of where we’re nosing and how we hope to get there.

We will also review live performances and — if we are able to start up our own empty space — you will get live updates on the theatre of the United Stage coming soon to a proscenium near you.


  1. Ooooh, now you’ve got me thinking, David! I love a good live performance! 🙂

  2. We have many avenues to explore and then express, Gordon! We’re all always performing — some performances are more formal and ritualized than others. SMILE!

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