Kitten Explosion!

I have had to move away from my old house, I have children of my own to protect from the unfriendly dogs and the foxes.

I do sneak back from time to time — and thought I would update you on some of the changes in the growing family of Alentejo cats .

I had heard rumours about new kittens and thought I would go and investigate.   My first couple of return visits I saw nothing but the usual crowd I knew all growing up well. Little Squeak is no longer frail and tiny.  He is growing up into a fine specimen of a cat and his sister Bubbles is blossoming too as is the aloof Nimbus.

Here is Mr B.  One of the naughtiest cat I have ever met!

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Threatening to Blow Up Houses Will Not Make Sales

When I was ten years old or so, I signed up for a door to door sales job for kids. I would visit every house in the neighborhood and offer to sell greeting cards. I won some pretty interesting prizes in the process along with some money for toys and candy and learned a lot about sales as well, mostly from friendly neighbors who didn’t want to buy any cards but offer much free advice.

It wasn’t offered, but one of the best pieces of advice that a salesperson should ever have is that threatening a person with blowing up their house is the worst way to get a sale.

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How to Create a Carceral Nation with a Private Prison System

It’s discouraging to see the steady progression of the prison population in America. Instead of dealing with social issues, we prefer to put people behind bars for smaller and smaller offenses in a blighted attempt to keep the peace.  We take our national cue from Obama who, too frightened to proactively move, leaves Guantanamo an open and seeping sore on our national visage.

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Star Articles

Now that we’ve established the provenance of United Stage, let’s take a look at some superstar Boles Blogs Network articles that would’ve been originally published here in this blog:

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Nuke Trucks in Your Neighborhood

Is it possible to be imperiled and imprisoned by trucks running throughout your urban core or village hamlet?  If you aren’t aware of the “Nuke Trucks” parading around you — now is the time to become aware of the danger incarcerating you and those you love and adore.

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Never Ending Author Review

There is nothing worse for a writer than an Author Review that never ends. The fingers crumble.  The mind withers.  The eye explodes.

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BlogExplosion Implodes

News came down yesterday the excellent blog exchange service, BlogExplosion is up for sale and with that announcement, the blogging world implodes to never be the same again.
I have written a lot about BlogExplosion on this Urban Semiotic blog and here are some of my favorite posts from the past few months:
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I’ve never been shy to share with you my BlogExplosion stats, and here they are as of this moment on this day:

Blog Explosion Final Tally

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