Is it possible to be imperiled and imprisoned by trucks running throughout your urban core or village hamlet?  If you aren’t aware of the “Nuke Trucks” parading around you — now is the time to become aware of the danger incarcerating you and those you love and adore.

Friends of Earth published an important report on these nuclear trucks that every citizen should read and remember:

Friends of the Earth announced today it has used the Freedom of Information Act to force the U.S. Department of Energy to release color photos of the special trucks that transport nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons components and “special nuclear material” such as plutonium and highly enriched uranium. It is believed that these are the first nuclear bomb truck photos released by the Department of Energy in recent years.

“The trucks carrying nuclear weapons and dangerous materials such as plutonium pass through cities and neighborhoods all the time and the public should be aware of what they look like,” said Tom Clements, Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator with Friends of the Earth in Columbia, South Carolina. “Release of these photos will help inform the public about secretive shipments of dangerous nuclear material that are taking place in plain view.”

Memorize those trucks! Take photos of them and post them on the internet so the entire world can help track these rolling danger zones.

We previously warned you about Contrails into Chemtrails and of Strange Smells — now we need to move our eyes from the heavens and focus them intently on the vibrating earth below as the Nuke Trucks rumble through us.


  1. Scary stuff, David. I haven’t seen any in Kew Gardens but I will keep my eyes on the alert and my iPhone ready!

  2. Wow..I remember seeing these trucks on the road…neven knew they were carrying such dangerous material…

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