It’s amazing that, via BlogExplosion alone, this Urban Semiotic blog has reached over 10,000 unique visitors since June 1, 2005 and it wouldn’t have happened without many of you!
Urban Semiotic also participates on other blog exchanges like Blog Clicker and Blog Advance and Blog Soldiers but the king of pushing traffic here, by a power of at least 10, is BlogExplosion, as you can see here from my member’s panel:

BlogExplosion at 10,000 Visitors

It is amazing having 10,000 unique visitors from BlogExplosion
alone and that averages out to about a thousand visitors a week. That
visitor number doesn’t include those who arrive here via searches from MSN or Yahoo! or Google
or from those who get here from hotlinks from other blogs and websites.

This is a thank you message for all the insightful comments and
thoughtful analysis posted here every day and I especially thank those
— you know who you are! — who post a little something almost
daily. You are helping build a fascinating community here and I am
thrilled to be a part of it. I know not everyone who reads this blog
posts a comment and I appreciate those who stop by just to read. Big
things can and will happen here for us all in the future. I feel the
rumbling in the hills…
I am always surprised which posts get a lot of comments and which do
not. Just when I think Fridays and Saturdays are dead for comments
those days suddenly explode with comments the next week!

There have
been posts I thought would be big comment-getters and didn’t get many,
while other posts that felt far less effective found a touchstone and
roared out of the browser with 10 reader comments in 10 minutes. The
lesson I learned is to just write what you know — or need to know —
and don’t worry about writing stuff that will encourage comments or
not. You can’t force participation. Comments take time and energy and
dedication and I understand the consumption of blood and bone a long
comment requires and I am forever grateful for your donation.
If you have a question you would like me to publicly think on here in
the blog, please send me an email note
and I will do my best to answer you.

Or you can post a comment here but
make it clear your comment is not for publication and that you are
privately talking to me. Since I read all comments before they are
published, I will read your comment, respond accordingly if I am able,
and then delete it before publication.
Thanks again for reading and commenting and just hanging out and I look
forward to the next 10,000 unique visitors!


  1. Well, David, those of us who comment should thank you also for giving us something to think about every day! Congrats on getting all those visitors!

  2. Hello My Carla!
    Thank you for the sweet words.
    You are a big part of the success of this blog!
    I did a little quick math and, of 1,450 comments, you wrote 89 of them, and that means 16.3% of the comments posted here belong to you.
    Wowser! How fab is that?!! 😀

  3. Way to go David!
    I see you use the term “unique visitors” quite loosely, drop me an email and I’ll drop you a couple of hints and tips as well as explain the visitors thing in detail if you wish 😉 you may find it quite interesting.
    Again, nice going with a successful blog.

  4. Heya Paul!
    Thanks for the post and I will be emailing you next. 🙂
    I am in touch with the main dudes at BlogExplosion every-so-often and I sent Jeff there a note today about hitting the 10,000 mark and Jeff was, as always, kind and informative and supportive.
    Jeff, interestingly enough, found the 92 “blogmarks” more impressive which meant people surfing via BlogExplosion bookmarked my site in their account so they could come back and visit again later.

  5. Wow. WOW! What a story. I feel like a naive Canadian! One question: What would have happened if you walked out without paying? I would have tried. Or at least let her have it. Mind you, I speak three languages and none happen to be Spanish. What a strong spirit that black guy had. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi commentator —
    Thanks for the reply on my “Nigger Tax” post.
    I’m sure she would have called the police if I didn’t pay. I also don’t think if I had spoken Spanish that would have made any difference. She was all about making sure I knew my place and that I was not welcome.
    I am with you in admiring the spirit of the young Black man.

  7. Yada, yada, yada. Blah, blah, blah. C’mon, quitcher braggin’, get back to the keyboard and write that next post.
    Just kiddin’ David; congratulations. It’s great to have a blog where people come and talk like good friends on all kinds of topics. I especially like to see all the different places they come from ! Good job, buddy.

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