Please LIKE the new Boles Blogs page on Facebook!

As the man I am, I have over 5,000 friends on Facebook.  As the blog I want us to be, we currently have seven “Like” friends on the new Facebook page for this new old Boles Blog that I created last night.  Oh, the good old wild days when I could blink and I’d have too many friends to count and Facebook would warn me to be less popular:

Getting to 5,000 Facebook friends was a fascinating experience. It was easier to move from 2,500 friends to 5,000 than it was to go from zero to 2,500. I thought I’d hit that 5,000 friends limit in June, but it took to the end of August to get there.

Today, I am asking you to help build up Boles Blogs on Facebook by clicking the link below to “Like” us now and forevermore:

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To You Our Weekend Reader

Hello Urban Semiotic Weekend Reader! We are thrilled to have you with us as we try to discover your wants and needs beyond the workweek. We have some questions for you and we’d really appreciate it if you took a moment to give us some feedback in the form of a comment on this post.

Urban Semiotic logo!

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Ten Thousand and Counting

It’s amazing that, via BlogExplosion alone, this Urban Semiotic blog has reached over 10,000 unique visitors since June 1, 2005 and it wouldn’t have happened without many of you!
Urban Semiotic also participates on other blog exchanges like Blog Clicker and Blog Advance and Blog Soldiers but the king of pushing traffic here, by a power of at least 10, is BlogExplosion, as you can see here from my member’s panel:

BlogExplosion at 10,000 Visitors

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