Something’s happening to this blog: It is Exploding!
Twelve days ago I reported the following traffic tallies for this blog via BlogExplosion only:

Blog Explosion Blog Stats as of July 1, 2005

Today, July 12, 2005 I am excited to report the following traffic numbers for this blog via BlogExplosion only:

 Blog Explosion Blog Stats as of July 12, 2005

What an explosion in traffic! In the last ten days or so this blog has
averaged around 200 visits from BlogExchange alone. Why, at this rate I
should have over a million visitors by Labor Day! In ten days I have doubled the traffic I had in my first BlogExplosion
month. Pretty wild stuff, eh?

As long as you know how to promote you blog
in BlogExplosion and you continue to create new posts every day, you
too, should be able to imitate these incredible number successes.
Here are my three favorite BlogExplosion banners I created from the
past week. They are doing Big Bang business in helping tug new eyes

BlogExplosion BannerDavid W. Boles' Urban Semiotic Logo
BlogExplosion Banner

am thrilled with BlogExplosion’s help in bumping up traffic for this
blog. I am also grateful for meeting all the great people who post
comments. I thank you for being here and I hope you keep coming back!


  1. Hi David,
    That’s a really impressive number! Blog Explosion made a big difference for me as well, although not as big of a difference as your numbers! 🙂 Traffic has slowed down for me in the past few days since they’re adjusting things at the site. I haven’t been able to take advantage of BlogRocket, though.
    I also joined BlogClicker and BlogXchange just for some added visitors as well.
    What also makes a difference is that your site has good content and makes for a great read.
    And thanks for adding my site to your links list. I appreciate it!

  2. Carla!
    Yes, traffic on BlogExplosion has been odd lately because of the impending changes. I’m surprised you haven’t gone on the rocket yet! It’s fast and easy because it runs itself. 🙂
    The other two services you mention just don’t seem to be bringing in traffic for me. I’m surprised by that, but it’s good to know where to spend my time promoting this blog.
    Thanks for the kind comments on this site. It’s a challenge to think up something new every day, but it’s a necessary challenge as we discussed yesterday.
    I wish you had told me you were linking here or I would have linked to you sooner. I was reading your fine blog the other day and discovered the Urban Semiotic link! Technorati — as usual — did not pick up your link. Do you have Blogger set up to allow outside discovery of your blog?

  3. The only setting I could find is one that would allow send notices to of when my blog was updated. I also have it set as a public blog. My site isn’t registered with Technorati, perhaps that’s something I should look into.

  4. Hi Carla —
    Yes, I think that is the right setting for Blogger to get updated by the search bots.
    Getting your blog registered with the large search engines like Technorati and and all help create tethers that can be tracked from more than one angle to get your blog discovered beyond Blogger.
    When you’re ready to leave Blogger and go for a stand-alone blog running on WordPress, lemme know. 🙂

  5. Do a google search for pinging services. I have a bookmark at the office for a free web service that pings a bunch of places, including all of the major players. I just can’t remember the URL to post it here properly.
    Email me if you want me to send the URL. I’ll be in the office sometime tomorrow afternoon.
    Deliberate Chaos

  6. Wow, those are seriously impressive numbers!
    My original blog at Blogger was doing well with traffic. I had been mentioned in a couple of news stories and that drove people to my site.
    I left Blogger for WordPress about two weeks ago and my traffic dried up. I just joined BlogExplosion hoping to generate some traffic and found your site.
    I hope that I get at least a portion of the same results, I sort of miss having readers.
    I poked around a bit and I really like your blog, I think it has found a place on my blogroll.

  7. Hi Eban!
    Thanks for the keen comments. Your move to WordPress will do you much better. You will have more control over the look and feel and promotion of your site. Good move!
    BlogExplosion will drive traffic to you. As of today I’m sitting at 6,823 visitors since June 1, 2005 and those are pretty good numbers.
    I modified your URL to include the “www” in your comment because without it your blog did not load in FireFox. You shouldn’t need that “www” but your might want to check your server or ask your webhost to fix it so people don’t have to add the “www” unless they really must use it. 🙂

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