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Curse of the Beautiful People

Have you noticed how people born beautiful are actually cursed throughout their lifetimes — even though they may not know it?  There is a viciousness about The Beautiful that seeps from the inside out and changes their natural shine into an ethereal ugliness.

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David Boles University

Banning Laptops and Beating WiFi

We are reminded of the early, heady, days of the internet when
university campuses were just beginning to provide WiFi access to the
school network instead of requiring a tethered Ethernet cable.  Students,
of course, abused the new wireless freedom by bringing their laptops to
class and surfing the internet when they should’ve been taking notes.

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Urban Semiotic

Biologically Hardwired to Wander: The Eighteen Minute Attention Span

Attention spans are in a growing deficit.  That means we listen to each other less.  We read less.  We pay less attention in social learning circles like schools, business meetings and church sermons.

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