Have you noticed how people born beautiful are actually cursed throughout their lifetimes — even though they may not know it?  There is a viciousness about The Beautiful that seeps from the inside out and changes their natural shine into an ethereal ugliness.

If you trot through life unchallenged because of your pretty smile and shiny hair, you are condemning your old age to be pretentious and ponderous.  As beauty fades, so does attention and rapt devotion, as well as your ability to control us with your looks.

When you are catered to in your young life because you are beautiful, you risk being ignored and discounted, as age becomes you.  You are no longer protected from the reality of the rest of us and the ugly truth shrinks you because you have no idea how to live in the ordinary.

The saddest part of being born beautiful is that you are so easily played by others because we know all you care about is the facade and the superficial.  Compliment you, show you shiny objects that reflect you, and we outright own you.

Beware of the beauty curse.  Fight it if you can.  Become less beautiful by taking on your hidden ugly and forsaking the easy life for the path of the earned and the battle worn.


  1. Hi David,
    I have seen some people taking themselves too seriously because they are beautiful, they are so full of themselves that they do not make interesting company.

  2. I do think surface beauty is a curse early in life, Katha. It becomes a crutch for survival in society and when that aid is removed later in life, they fail and fall. Coming into physical beauty during mid-life is much more meaningful and productive in every way.

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