In April, we warned you about the coming Swine Flu Pandemic and since that time, over 800,000 people have been infected with the H1N1 virus in New York City alone — that’s ten percent of the city’s population.  There are three preternatural population controls:  War, Famine and a worldwide Pandemic.  Clutch your hat and buckle your shoes as half of us are whittled away.  We’re in for even more flu terror in the coming months.  We have not yet begun to suffer.

Last week, the White House estimated 50% of the USA population will be infected with the Swine Flu virus and up to 90,000 will die. 

There are not enough vaccines to inoculate the entire population and with up to four shots perhaps being necessary for some at risk in the community, you can see how quickly the H1N1 virus will spread in airline terminals and high school and college classrooms: 

One shot: Older adults currently aren’t on the priority list to get swine flu vaccine, but they should get the seasonal vaccine, which is available.

Two shots: There’s a potential for the regular vaccine in one arm and the swine flu vaccine in the other if that one requires just one dose.

Three shots: The swine flu vaccine might require two doses three weeks apart, plus the regular vaccine.

Four shots: There’s even this possibility for some children. Youngsters under 9 who are getting their first-ever regular flu vaccination need two doses of it.

In May, the Boston Department of Health closed the Harvard Dental School because of Swine Flu fears:

Boston health authorities last night closed the Harvard dental school’s treatment clinic, and the university temporarily suspended classes at all three of its major schools on the Longwood medical campus as a precaution after a third-year dental student developed “a probable case” of swine flu.

Disease investigators from the Boston Public Health Commission are reviewing whether the student treated patients at the Longwood Avenue clinic while he was contagious. They are also tracking down any students and faculty members who might have had contact with him. The clinic treats about 50 patients a day, and the dental school has more than 200 students, faculty, and other staff members.

Harvard then canceled classes at their medical school and school of public health as well.

If Harvard was stung so blithely and so completely by H1N1, how easy will the virus infect other schools and other gathering places where there isn’t such a sentient watch for the virus?

Some schools are urging students not to touch each other or even shake hands — even while receiving their diplomas — for fear of spreading the disease.

How are you preparing for the H1N1 Pandemic?

Or are you certain you won’t be part of the fifty percent that becomes infected?


  1. I just did the math. If 90K people die out of 150 million infected, that is .0006% that are going to die.
    I am preparing for the swine flu, simply put, by washing my hands regularly with soap and water and keeping as healthy as I can as I normally would.

  2. Those are interesting numbers, Gordon. I wonder if those who are infected and requiring hospitalization will require long term care or if their health will be permanently affected?
    The WHO now says we’re in Phase 6 of the flu: The Pandemic stage. As the world compresses, we can more equally infect each other:
    Looking at this Swine Flu Death Map, we can see how lucky we are to be so isolated from the rest of the world in the USA.

  3. Yes, Gordon, and if we take those numbers down to a dirtier gritty — the average deaths would be 1,800 per state. I think a lot of people would be shocked to learn about that high average death rate on the state level even though in the scope of the larger picture of the USA, it isn’t that much…

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