Kill all the Pigs

“Kill all the pigs!” — was the fallow and forsaken outcry in Egypt.  “If the pigs are dead,” the ill-rationed reasoning flew, “then we won’t get the swing flu virus.”  Oh, how woefully wrong they were.

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HealthMap Outbreaks on Your iPhone

The Swine Flu Pandemic is upon us, but that isn’t the only threat to Public Health.   Now, with the help of, you can track all threats to your health, as well as getting real time reports of localized outbreaks in your area — all via a free iPhone App.

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Fifty Percent Infected and Ninety Thousand Dead

In April, we warned you about the coming Swine Flu Pandemic and since that time, over 800,000 people have been infected with the H1N1 virus in New York City alone — that’s ten percent of the city’s population.  There are three preternatural population controls:  War, Famine and a worldwide Pandemic.  Clutch your hat and buckle your shoes as half of us are whittled away.  We’re in for even more flu terror in the coming months.  We have not yet begun to suffer.

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