The Swine Flu Pandemic is upon us, but that isn’t the only threat to Public Health.   Now, with the help of, you can track all threats to your health, as well as getting real time reports of localized outbreaks in your area — all via a free iPhone App.

When you open HealthMap, the iPhone finds your position in the world and then pinpoints current outbreaks.  Your location is the green pushpin and the outbreaks are red pins.

You can pinch and pull the map to “go interactive” with the field reports.

Touch a red pushpin to get information on the location and the memeing of the outbreak:

You can also get a “List” of outbreaks in your area:

Touch on the right arrow in the List Report to get a localized map of the outbreak:

HealthMap is extremely popular, so if you don’t get updates from their server right away, relax.  They’re working on expanding capacity. 

I had no problem using HealthMap.  It was quick response and fast in updating.

You can even tell HealthMap which health alerts you want “pushed” to your iPhone.  I picked them all. 

Why wouldn’t I want to know everything HealthMap knows about my current location — especially if I am traveling outside my home area?

HealthMap also lets you decide how often you wanted to be alerted. 

You also have the power in your hands!

You can send HealthMap your own report of an outbreak!  You can even include a photo with your report.

HealthMap for the iPhone is a terrific and vital application. 

How many Apps do you have currently installed on your iPhone that are as necessary and uniting as HealthMap?


  1. Peggle? What is Peggle, Gordon? I played it three times all the way through and won each time. SMILE! HealthMap certainly makes me feel more productive — but much less in control.

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