The depressing news that Ellen DeGeneres has been hired to weigh down American Idol as the new fourth judge is the only proof we need that the show is cooked, done and over and a satire unto itself.

doesn’t need a flippant fourth judge to muck up the feedback.  Four
judges didn’t work last season and now that Paula is thankfully out,
the remaining three could get back to the business of making musicians.

with the addition of Ellen, everyone must now confess Idol isn’t about
music or singing:  It’s about mocking the notion of our American
culture that talent is equal to instant fame when it is not. 

will now bore us with her silly jokes as the rest of the show withers
under the additional burden of having to laugh in the midst of our
constant groaning.

In interviews with the current American Idol judges,
they all later up Ellen as their “friend” while leaving the notion that
she has any talent whatsoever to judge a singing show wholly

American Idol’s decline is on the ascension.  It
won’t be pretty or entertaining to watch the slow death of a former
800-pound gorilla.

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