Blast from the Go Inside Magazine Award Past!

I am not one to live in the past or have any regrets.  History cannot be changed and regret only rots the promise of tomorrow.  In putting together this new Boles Blog to reflect what came before in 14 other instances of thoughts and writing, I came upon the old Awards page for the now retired Go Inside Magazine; and I found great joy in looking back at those wildly created and brightly colored animated .GIFs, and I decided to share them with you here now.  I moved the images off the now dead domain and placed them on the live Boles Books domain for serving, but I left the historical, clickable, URLs intact as a compendium of the greatest hits of what was, really, The Original Internet.

Do you recognize any of these websites?  Animated .GIFs were big back in the mid-1990’s, and one good way to promote your new website was to “give an award” to another website — there were no blogs back then — and require a link back to your award website.  The most elite award we won was from, at the time, the fledgling “Microsoft Network.”  MSN was starting with a big bang and a booming promise and it was a Big Deal to get that congratulatory email from Microsoft telling us we were “The One” for a day.  That single award from MSFT doubled our readership for the rest of our being. award!Innovation Award! (28155 bytes)

The Microsoft Network! 2825 bytes) awardit.jpg (3096 bytes) Ravi's Elite Website (4628 bytes) Great Gig Award! (9052 bytes)

NealWeb Award Winner! (8465 bytes) Cool Bananas! Laziness Central Site of the Day! Star Site Award (3753 bytes)

PC Webopaedia Outstanding Page Award Dynomite Site of the Night Cool Site of the Hour! Pirate Pete's Catch of the Day

Top 100! Rocking the Web! Top Ten! Top Fiver! Top Five!

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Celebrating WordPress Award Badges for Boles Blogs!

Who doesn’t love a badge or an award or fun visual feedback?  Boles Blogs is hosted on as a Business blog, and we are loving, and appreciating, the cool badges WordPress gives us for new milestones in our online life as a young, WordPress blog.  Here are the current badges we’ve earned:  Over 200 “New Followers” and our “Best Day” and “100 Likes!”

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What Philip Roth Wrought

Philip Roth is an American novelist, but his career has been pocked with controversy — the main argument against his books is that there is a concentrated stream of misogyny that runs throughout his canon — he’s also been labeled a “self-loathing Jew” — but that’s a topic for another article.  The current, ongoing, ding on Philip Roth, as early as yesterday, is that he still hates women, even at age 78.

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The Showtime Porno Video Awards

We know the end of humanity is upon us when the “Porno Video Awards” are given international cable television propagation on the Showtime network.

What is the purpose of giving light and air to the disgusting and degrading underbelly of humanity when real stars like Tracey Ullman deserve our rapt attention and devotion?

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