I am not one to live in the past or have any regrets.  History cannot be changed and regret only rots the promise of tomorrow.  In putting together this new Boles Blog to reflect what came before in 14 other instances of thoughts and writing, I came upon the old Awards page for the now retired Go Inside Magazine; and I found great joy in looking back at those wildly created and brightly colored animated .GIFs, and I decided to share them with you here now.  I moved the images off the now dead GoInside.com domain and placed them on the live Boles Books domain for serving, but I left the historical, clickable, URLs intact as a compendium of the greatest hits of what was, really, The Original Internet.

Do you recognize any of these websites?  Animated .GIFs were big back in the mid-1990’s, and one good way to promote your new website was to “give an award” to another website — there were no blogs back then — and require a link back to your award website.  The most elite award we won was from, at the time, the fledgling “Microsoft Network.”  MSN was starting with a big bang and a booming promise and it was a Big Deal to get that congratulatory email from Microsoft telling us we were “The One” for a day.  That single award from MSFT doubled our readership for the rest of our being.

4anything.com award!Innovation Award! (28155 bytes)

The Microsoft Network! 2825 bytes) awardit.jpg (3096 bytes) Ravi's Elite Website (4628 bytes) Great Gig Award! (9052 bytes)

NealWeb Award Winner! (8465 bytes) Cool Bananas! Laziness Central Site of the Day! Star Site Award (3753 bytes)

PC Webopaedia Outstanding Page Award Dynomite Site of the Night Cool Site of the Hour! Pirate Pete's Catch of the Day

Top 100! Rocking the Web! Top Ten! Top Fiver! Top Five!

Here’s what I wrote in Go Inside Magazine on June  20, 1996 concerning what was then, as we know it now, The Golden Age of the Web:

Believe it or not, we are now living in The Golden Age of the World-Wide Web. Enjoy it while you can, for it shall not last long. Especially if the computer industry has its way. They want every noodnik with a modem and a hard drive traipsing around the internet 24 hours a day so they can provide the means for the traipser’s well-being while on the Web. It’ll be a never-ending tourist season of noodniks for us seasoned Webbers as we slay and wheedle away those unwelcomed gawkers armed with cable modems and unlimited Web access for $5 a month.

Time and Tide presses us onward, and we have continued to earn some cool awards, one of them was our “Freshly Pressed” badge for our American Folklore and the Blues Black Cat Bone article published in the former Boles Blues blog — right here on WordPress.com:

I’m all for celebrating a bit of nostalgia — so I added the old Go Inside awards to the new About page for Boles Blogs. I hope you enjoy the rich context of being in publication so long.


  1. Love the awards! Such a fun reminder of yesterdecade! 🙂

    In addition to awards, sites used to get badges for things like being accessible for people with limited eyesight, etc. There was a site called Helpware that gave a badge proclaiming sites to be Helpware sites — that is, I believe, how I found Go Inside Magazine in 2000 — it was listed in a directory. Now, sadly, that directory has been hijacked by some Japanese organization — not sure what purpose it serves.

    1. Yes, it’s fun to reflect back on the early greatest and risks we took.

      I don’t remember Helpware, but that’s a neat website! We’ve always tried to remain clean and readable in all forms. No fancy menus or iframes or Shockwave. Just simple text and basic files for easy readability and accessibility.

  2. I think I remember the day each of those awards were won. Those were fun days. Everything was new. Only web pages. No blogs. Email was pretty much only on CompuServe and your username address was a long string of numbers.

  3. I am just old enough to remember seeing the awards on the old website. Any regrets closing down that magazine? It was on the web on its own for a long time.

    1. No regrets. GoInside.com was pretty dead, but popular, as an HTML website. Moving it into the “blog” era gave it more vibrancy and renewed interest in the publication. Folding all that content into Boles Blogs is fine as well since all the old domain traffic gets automatically routed here — so we aren’t losing any eyes or interest. Life is all about change and starting over. There are things we should be beholden to without question — human values, moral duty, active imagining — but not a domain name. SMILE!

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