Divorcing the Marriage Ref

The Olympic Gold medal for the worst TV series of 2010 goes to Jerry Seinfeld’s horror of a new show, “The Marriage Ref.”  How did such a cruel and nasty show make it out of production and on broadcast television?

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Domino’s Pizza Turnaround Fail Fail Fail

On December 27, 2009, Domino’s Pizza threw out their old pizza recipe and, they claim, invented a whole new taste experience.  Yesterday, I suspending my eating morality for two seconds and took a bite of the “new and improved” Domino’s — cheese only — pizza to see just how much had changed with the iconic pizza of my childhood. 

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Tony Puts Us All in a Coma

Last Sunday’s episode of The Sopranos was the worst in recent memory because it was uncharacteristically static and boring.
There is nothing worse to watch in any sort of drama than a person talking on and on — especially talking to someone who does not respond — because that kind of monologue drains all the energy and tension from the show. 

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