The Amazon Cloud Drive Review

Cloud Drive storage is big business.  I’m huge into hanging all my junk in the cloud.  I really like Google Drive and I also have backups to my Google Drive on SkyDrive and Amazon Cloud Drive.  The Amazon Cloud Drive is a much better service today than it was a year ago.  On my Mac, I can seamlessly upload all my iPhoto images with one click:

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14th Street Apple Store In-Store Personal Pickup Problems

Yesterday, I decided to test the new “In-Store Personal Pickup” option Apple is now offering customers when you order from the online Apple Store.  I had to take the iPad 2 plunge — times two! — and I placed a nine-item order online at 10:30am in the morning and planned to pick up everything from the 14th Street Apple Store in New York City when I finished teaching later that night.

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The Boles Blues iPhone 4S Review

On Friday, the long purgatory that was AT&T and the iPhone came to a bloody end for Janna and me as we ripped open our Verizon boxes to set up our new iPhone 4S devices of love!  I was actually so happy being back with Verizon that I took a hammer to Janna’s AT&T 3G iPhone and my AT&T 3GS iPhone and smashed the screens to smithereens!  Then I took those broken AT&T iPhones and dunked them in salt water and let them sit there for an hour before I took them outside and dropkicked each one into the trash bin!  Begone AT&T!  Your misery knows no bounds and you have no shame!  I can’t believe all the money we wasted paying you for lousy voice and data service!

The first thing you notice about the 4s, coming from the 3G series, is that the retina display is just as wonderful as you’ve read about since the rise of the 4.  You can actually read tiny text and, as you can see below, the screenshots are magnificent!

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SuperDuper! is SuperGenius!

If something catastrophic happened to you computer — theft, hurricane, lightning strike — would you be able to restore your machine to its pristine presence before the accident?
Do you backup your vital data? 

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Western Digital 500 Gig My Book Premium Review

(UPDATE — Nov. 2007): I recently purchased the Western Digital My Book Premium II WDG2T20000N 2TB External Hard Drive. I mirror the drive so I have around 800 Gigs available for direct storage. Over the past month the drive has proven to be fast and killer and it works great as an iTunes server for my network.)

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