As Elaine's Dies a Second Death

Elaine’s, a venerable restaurant on New York City’s upper East Side, is closing in nine days after being open for 48 years.  Elaine’s, in its heyday, was a hotspot place to be seen.  Woody Allen played his clarinet there.  Authors celebrated their books there.  Celebrities went there to be seen.  Elaine Kaufman — the “Elaine” in Elaine’s — died six months ago and now her namesake restaurant is following her to the grave.

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Google SMS Answers on Your iPhone

If you aren’t texting the questions in your life to “GOOGLE” (466-453) on your iPhone, or other smart phone, then you aren’t really living an untethered life.  GOOGLE SMS is a free service — though other carrier charges may apply to your SMS phone plan — that instantly answers your questions and helps you win arguments and wager bar bets.  As you can see in the shot below, I was able to get an instant response from Google when I asked for “Weather Los Angeles.”  I was not successful in getting Google to tell me Julie Chen’s age or what year Hawaii gained statehood.

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