The Zoo Bar in Lincoln, Nebraska has been streaming live Blues music into the world since 1973.

You wouldn’t think you’d find true Chicago Blues in the middle of downtown Lincoln, but there it is — The Zoo Bar — shimmering into the night with a dedicated college crowd and ugly bar regulars:

At 36-years and running, it looks like The Zoo Bar will be a great place to keep the sound of The Blues alive for a long time in Lincoln.

The only sad thing we find about The Zoo Bar is it’s dead and ugly website.  There’s no history.  No texture.  No music.  No images.  No plot.  No nothing!  It’s a downright, dirty, crying, shame that a national institution like The Zoo Bar treats itself so shabbily online.

Sure, you can follow The Zoo on Twitter and Facebook — but the real bread of The Blues should be won directly on


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