The Ringo 2012 Review

I have not always been a fan of Ringo Starr. Of all the Beatles, I liked him the least — for me it was always John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and then finally Ringo. Yet between the two Beatles that are with us now (those being Paul and Ringo), I actually prefer Ringo a bit even though Paul does so much to promote vegetarianism. When I listen to McCartney’s newer music I don’t quite feel the same enthusiasm as I did with his earlier work, both with The Beatles and with The Wings. I was therefore intrigued when I saw that Ringo was coming out with a new album, and that its title was a tribute to one of his best selling solo albums — Ringo. I am happy to report that it is a strong album, albeit short — I will get to that.

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Stranger in the Garden: The Sad Kindness of John and Yoko

The Beatles were born into The Blues.  Their early work is washed in the tinted tones of human suffering and a wailing against a natural born plot in life.  When I recently watched the 1988 documentary — Imagine: John Lennon — I was provided us an intimate look into the making of John’s Imagine album, and I was struck by the kindness John and Yoko gave to a Stranger discovered living in a garden on their English estate.

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Nine Nine Nine

The Beatles re-arrived yesterday, in their ongoing, 40-year, British Invasion of melody, mind and matter. Most of the good radio stations in New York City played hour-long Beatles song cycles yesterday in honor of their latest remastered music mastery.

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Retiring Paul McCartney

There comes a time in every performer’s life when fading away is better than continuing to perform at sub-par levels. The time is now for Sir Paul McCartney to hang up his axes, retire his strings, and stop singing in public.

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Divining Meaning in Hey Jude

I love the Beatles. Their songs have informed the joys and the sorrows across the arc of my life.
One of the best Beatles songs is “Hey Jude” — written for Julian Lennon by Paul McCartney upon the dissolution of John Lennon’s first marriage — and I have always wondered about the meaning of a particular bit of lyric in that song.

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