There comes a time in every performer’s life when fading away is better than continuing to perform at sub-par levels. The time is now for Sir Paul McCartney to hang up his axes, retire his strings, and stop singing in public.

I recently watched Paul in concert on Palladia HD and he looked tired and disinterested.

Instead of performing his songs, he was merely singing them and he appeared to be bored out of his britches!

I can’t imagine Paul needs the money in performance and his public work isn’t serving his legacy or our future memory of him in any productive way — so why keep going just for the sake of going? He needs to go. Now.

Paul needs to step back, re-evaluate the chits of his life, and stop performing.

When that beautiful voice can no longer stay in tune or hit the high notes — the damage he’s doing to his own fading talent is telling us all that it is time for him to elegantly fade into memory.


  1. Indeed, David. Phish retired when they felt that they were becoming bored but came back with a vigor. Perhaps he needs to rest for awhile and if he ever feels the spark return, then bring it back – but not otherwise.

  2. That’s a fine point, Gordon. I also feel the same way watching The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac in concert: They’re old and tired and bored. Now Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton and Robert Plant are even more exciting as they continue to expand and grow into old age in their live performances!

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