The NSA are at it again.  They’re watching your email and finding you guilty of impure and dangerous thoughts.

The National Security Agency is facing renewed scrutiny over the extent of its domestic surveillance program, with critics in Congress saying its recent intercepts of the private telephone calls and e-mail messages of Americans are broader than previously acknowledged, current and former officials said. The agency’s monitoring of domestic e-mail messages, in particular, has posed longstanding legal and logistical difficulties, the officials said.

Since April, when it was disclosed that the intercepts of some private communications of Americans went beyond legal limits in late 2008 and early 2009, several Congressional committees have been investigating. Those inquiries have led to concerns in Congress about the agency’s ability to collect and read domestic e-mail messages of Americans on a widespread basis, officials said. Supporting that conclusion is the account of a former N.S.A. analyst who, in a series of interviews, described being trained in 2005 for a program in which the agency routinely examined large volumes of Americans’ e-mail messages without court warrants. Two intelligence officials confirmed that the program was still in operation.

When the government fails its sworn duty to protect its citizens from unwarranted incarceration by Panopticonic watching — every freedom and ideal is shot down the sewer as a once great nation bends and then breaks under the paranoid eye in the curdling possibility of the next terrorist strike.

The current NSA spy policy blanketing us — smothering us — is proof enough the terrorists have already won.

Our government lives in fear of the unknown and of the unhappened while dreamily — even wistfully — reflecting back on that day when the towers fell in order to perpetuate and excuse their imprisonment of our most delicate and fragile freedoms.


  1. I thought Obama was getting rid of it? Or at least making it less heinous?

  2. Nope. No changes. In fact, the AT&T “secret room monitoring” of all internet traffic is being expanded! Obama isn’t a democrat, he’s an old time Republican from the 1970s!

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