The Sexualization of Platonic Business Relationships: How Many Families Do You Need?

I’ve always found it odd when people you work with, or collaborate with, or may work with in the future, use the phrase “getting into bed together” as a business condiment as if to somehow oddly sexualize what is, in fact and deed, a working relationship that is, if anything, asexually platonic by necessity of average function.

I wonder why there is a need to make a business contract a personal and intimate formality in such a dramatic manner.  Private relationships are bound by blood and emotion and decrees of love and passion.  No public business should operate under any of those terms.  I always wonder why that “in bed” phrase is so important for some people to utter during a negotiation or in a team spirit meeting.

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Hidden Treasures of Alcácer do Sal

Last time we visited the house at Alcácer, not only did I solve the mystery of things that went bump in the night, I also discovered some previously hidden treasures including some rather nice Moroccan swag which has gone onto the adoption list.  Eat your heart out David — this is a copper lamp shade from Morocco. It needs a good polish and then it is being adopted. As it is very heavy we may use it with a large multi wick candle in the base. I will of course update you with pictures when it is cleaned and in use.

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Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

When we were looking at purchasing a crib for our fantastically wonderful son, Chaim Yosef, there were a number of options that presented themselves to us. The one we decided to choose was that of a crib that could be changed in a few steps to a toddler bed and then eventually a normal bed in which he will sleep for most of his childhood until he eventually outgrows it. The corresponding mattress has two sides — one for the infant period and the other for the toddler and young child period. The infant side is firm whereas the other side is softer. A firm side is needed for infants to prevent sudden infant death syndrome, which is often caused by suffocating on a too soft surface.

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Melissa Rivers Shits the Bed

We hate the title of this article, but after a week of careful thought, we decided — “Melissa Rivers Shits the Bed” — is precisely what happened this week on Celebrity Apprentice.  We wrote about the Rotten Rivers Sisters here in a previous article — and while we are thrilled to learn of Joan’s red herring that Melissa made it to the end — we are still left distraught and stinking by Melissa crapping all over everyone on the show.

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