Last time we visited the house at Alcácer, not only did I solve the mystery of things that went bump in the night, I also discovered some previously hidden treasures including some rather nice Moroccan swag which has gone onto the adoption list.  Eat your heart out David — this is a copper lamp shade from Morocco. It needs a good polish and then it is being adopted. As it is very heavy we may use it with a large multi wick candle in the base. I will of course update you with pictures when it is cleaned and in use.

Another one for David — a Moroccan copper pot — this one has been kept clean and polished and is on permanent display.

This one is also on the adoption list.  This as you can see is a veteran treadle Singer sewing machine mounted on its own bespoke table. This was bought second-hand by Mr Ps mother over 50 years ago. It is still in use today, running up curtains and sheets for the household.

This sleigh bed is French, the tapestry on the wall behind is hand sewn in Morocco by Mr Ps mother.

I know what this is — it is of leather and wood construction and comes from Morocco. I am going to get you to guess what it is — answers in comments please.


  1. What fun, Nicola! Love these hidden treasures, and yes, I’ve eaten my heart out twice reading this article! Copper is my new love!

    Hmm. Picture #5 is a bit of a brain teaser. There’s a depth/illusion problem if you look at the most forward post — it might be identical to its twin, or it could be an indentation. Hard to tell. They look like identical posts, so I’ll do with that, but can you give us a size measurement so we can get a sense of how big it is and how high up off the floor?

  2. I have found some more copper since – I will have my copper kitchen !

    The posts are identical heights – the padding is about three inches deep it is covered in leather. I ave sent another picture showing a different angle – you could edit it in/add it if you wish – the height between the floor and the padded section is about 12/18 inches from memory .

    1. Okay! I added the second picture. That helps a lot, thanks.

      I’m going to guess it has something to do with winding rope on a ranch. The padding doesn’t fit that, though, but the two posts seem perfect for helping form the perfect loops.

        1. your thoughts are in the right direction in one way but way off in others !

          Are you a Magic Eight Ball or trying to pass a Turing Test? SMILE!

          Is it a saddle of some sort?

  3. Great pictures! You show us a little more history in every post you make! I love that the sewing machine has lasted for 50 years– or even longer since it was bought secondhand.

    The only guess I have for that picture is a very elaborate ottoman… am I on the right track?

  4. @ David – almost there ……………………………… grin – think what country it comes from and you will have the answer!

    1. My final answer is: A Camel Saddle!

      Thank you! I will collect my prize immediately: One ornate copper lamp shade, please!

      The wood on the bottom threw me a bit — too hard and injurious to be on an animal. Then I thought about it more with your final clue…

      1. We have a winner !

        Not sure about your prize though …………. I will have to see if we have something else in copper suitable for you .

        1. That was fun!


          We should play — “Guess What This Is” every week — with first place being the pick of anything in your ongoing treasures collection. Ha! Once you win, though, you have to retire from playing so others get a chance.

  5. Game on ………………… I think the winner of one week retired for one week then joins in again – maximum fun !

  6. I never would have guessed a saddle! I actually don’t associate camels with Portugal for some reason. Love the beautiful photographs, especially the sewing machine! Older Singer machines are definitely better than the new ones! 🙂

  7. well I did say it came from Morocco ! The sewing machine is a wizz – so much easier to understand than all those new fangled ones with all the buttons and dials !

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