You Are Part of the House

I love discovering new interoperative cultural memes, and I happened upon one over the weekend at the local McDonald’s.  I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s, but they do try to offer some healthy food, and I appreciate they set a major agenda when it comes to creating an entire landscape of community dietary choices.  There is grand power in creating caloric counts.  Oftentimes, the only affordable meal in an urban neighborhood is found under the Golden Arches — and that creates a static economy and a trapped customer base. We’ll discuss more about that dangerous, if unassailable, economic power tomorrow.

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Hidden Treasures of Alcácer do Sal

Last time we visited the house at Alcácer, not only did I solve the mystery of things that went bump in the night, I also discovered some previously hidden treasures including some rather nice Moroccan swag which has gone onto the adoption list.  Eat your heart out David — this is a copper lamp shade from Morocco. It needs a good polish and then it is being adopted. As it is very heavy we may use it with a large multi wick candle in the base. I will of course update you with pictures when it is cleaned and in use.

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Things that Go Bump in the Night in Alcácer do Sal

Today we returned to the house in Alcácer do Sal, time to photograph and measure up rooms ready for advertising the house for sale. I have to say it looks and feels much better in the sunlight.

This must be my fifth or sixth visit to the house, we went up and back in a day today but we have spent one night there in the past. I was reminded of that today as I lay down for a ten minute rest in the heat of the afternoon.

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Suspended in Terracotta

The house stands square and proud, tenaciously clinging to the last vestiges of dignity it once owned. The once vivid rose-coloured paintwork, now weather worn, peels to reveal aging stonework below.

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Threatening to Blow Up Houses Will Not Make Sales

When I was ten years old or so, I signed up for a door to door sales job for kids. I would visit every house in the neighborhood and offer to sell greeting cards. I won some pretty interesting prizes in the process along with some money for toys and candy and learned a lot about sales as well, mostly from friendly neighbors who didn’t want to buy any cards but offer much free advice.

It wasn’t offered, but one of the best pieces of advice that a salesperson should ever have is that threatening a person with blowing up their house is the worst way to get a sale.

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ObamaCare Has an Eye On You

Last night, the United States House of Representatives — led by the vibrant Nancy Pelosi — made history in passing the first comprehensive healthcare bill.  Republicans — who unanimously oppose universal healthcare — have mocked the program as “ObamaCare” yet history will prove “ObamaCare” will be the greatest legacy a President had gifted a nation since FDR and the New Deal in 1932. 

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Loving the Machine Aesthetic

Le Corbusier was one of the greatest architects of the Twentieth Century. 
He believed houses were machines and his early industrialization of building homes as metrics of functionality — instead of as just basic shelter — forever changed the way we consider both Art and science today.

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